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Round up, herd, or take charge of; to manage or control something, especially tiresome details that tend to go flying off in all directions

Our Team

Led by Sally Bell and Susan Helyar, The Event Wranglers are an accomplished event production team with a proven track record of creating innovative and memorable events.    


Our highly specialised and expert team has extensive and broad experience in Event Management and Production, Marketing, Public Relations, Sponsorship and Promotions.  


We work with many leading international and national companies and pride ourselves on  strong client relationships focussing on their needs. We are highly regarded for producing dynamic event concepts that maximise impact and investment for our clients.  


Brand activations, pop-ups, content, dinner parties, corporate events, product launches, cocktail parties, trade shows, conferences, opening nights, fashion or mass participation spectaculars.  Our talent is making it easy for you.

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