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What They Say

“JUST wanted to say a massive thank you for everything! You guys are amazing, it was a pleasure working with you, and TV WEEK Logies Stars in the Park was a massive success thanks to you guys.

We are absolutely thrilled, and I know TEQ were as well. Congrats!"

Tamika Hennessey

SUSAN’s expertise as an event manager is unparalleled.  Indoor, outdoor, no matter the scale, Susan will take on the project, respect the budget, inject her creative flair and deliver above expectation.  We have been working with Susan for more than 15 years and through that period we have benefited from her expertise in sponsorship procurement, event management and marketing expertise.” 

Kylie Blucher

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Nine Network Queensland

"AS a fashion label our priority is design, textures, colour, seasonality and customer service. Event Management is not what we do, and that’s why we engage Sally Bell -  the best of the best – to manage all of our season launches, special and charity events each year. She is the single most experienced, inspirational and patient event creator we have ever known. She understands my priorities and merges them beautifully with logistics and detail - and seems to somehow always be prepared. She is, quite simply, remarkable."

Tracey Watkins

DESIGNER, White Label Noba

“THE very best of the best event managers around. For this dynamic duo, nothing is too much trouble and no stone is left unturned. Consummate professionals and delightful team members to work with. I know any of their clients would share the view that they simply don't come better than Sally and Susan.”

Andra Bite

"YOU would be hard pressed to find a more passionate and motivated team than Sal and Susan!! Much love from all the crew at JLX and Iceworks!!! Looking forward to working with you both again very soon!!!"


Jason Raft
OWNER, JLX Productions